We're the team behind Where the West Things Are. To prove to you we're down with what's goin' on in the western subs we've written a bio about ourselves in third person. Because everything sounds better in third person.

Corinne "Brandine" Chan
Self-professed pokies queen and stubbies collector Corinne is the resident flannel shirt wearer of the Where the West Things Are team. The most defining moment of her life, thus far, was the day she was forced to choose between having a Jim Bean or a VB when on a date with her latest beau, Trent. Word on the street is Corinne's durrries bring all the boys to the yard. Bloody oath.

Leo "Reginald" Mansilla
Where the West Things Are writer Leo can only be described as being a top bloke. He can usually be found on the weekends in the promised land (also known as Rooty Hill RSL) treating his missus, Krystal, to a dinner with a little something something because McDonald's soft serve cones just don't cut it for his fine dining standards. Beware of this one boys cause he'll #stealyogirl in a second. That flamin' mongrel.

Sarah "Shazza" Tu
After successfully changing her name from Shazza and beginning the life she imagined for herself as a a young sheila in a trailer park, Sarah joins the Where the West Things Are team with years of experience as a Holden ute driver. When she's not wearing the Australian flag as a cape, Sarah can be found waiting in line for her Centrelink payment. The way to her heart you ask? "Ugg boots," Sarah replies, ciggie lighter in the hand.What a beaut.