Sunday, 21 September 2014

$2M Adult Sized Playground Proposed To Hit Western Sydney

Bad ass bitches, thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies unite because word on the street is Western Sydney is set to become home to a $2 million aerial adventure park if proposed plans are approved by Penrith Council. The Daily Telegraph reported that the park which is set to overlook the St Marys Rugby League Club's oval will cover 2,000 square metres and take over 2.5 hours to complete which means you'll finally have a legitiate excuse to skip leg day (someone call the boiiz cause getting shredded for stereo just got a whole lot easier).

If all goes to plan, the park is set to open by Easter 2015 which means you'll be able to work off all dem Cadbury eggs the next day in true Crash Bandicoot style i.e. with free falling activities, tight rope walking and crazy tower jumping shit. AW YAAAAAAAAAAAAS.

And for those of you with a bit of angst from your Mario Kart days, the park will be nothing like rainbow road as you'll be strapped to safety harnesses as you clamber up towers as high as three storey towers and platforms connected by steel cables. We're secretly hoping, though, that someone will be able to make the super star power up happen so we can temporarily power through the course and knock everyone off the track while high speed trance beats play in the background.

Managing Director, Amgad Botros has described the park as a 'treetop course without the trees' which we can assume means only one thing. The park will actually be a bunk bed course, because how else would there be so much room for activities?

Best of all is the park is designed to be disable friendly meaning no one will miss out on the fun. Because here in the suburbs, we don't like to discriminate against anyone except for everyone that doesn't come from the suburbs. 

Finally (and not that we needed any confirmation) the park will cement Western Sydney's reputation as the bitchin'-est place in town with the park set to be the first of its kind in all of Australia. Westies: 1, rest of straya: 0. Can I get an amen. 

Tbh, the artists impression of the park didn't leave us with any kind of lasting impression except for the fact that they clearly took the 'it's a treetop course without the trees' brief way too seriously, so we thought we'd throw in a few of our own images courtesy of Google aka all mighty queen of the universe since 1996 (Wikipedia et al, n.d). Enjoy. *Include dancing red dress girl emoji*

Story from the Daily Telegraph.

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