Thursday, 23 October 2014

60 Reasons Living in Western Sydney Ruins You For Life

Remember when Buzzfeed got all us Sydneysiders right in the feels? Well we see your 59 Reasons Living in Sydney Ruins You For Life post and raise you one. Here's 60 reasons living in Sydney ruins you for life. Western Sydney style (welelelelelele). Your move Buzzfeed.

1. Because you get used to waking up to streets like this every morning...


2. ...going for your morning runs on days like this...

3. ...or battling morning traffic like this.

4. Because "no entry" does not mean no entry in 2144 and clearly the rules don't apply in Western Sydney.
Auburn 2144

5. ...Except when law enforcing citizens with spray cans are involved.
Auburn 2144

6. Which is probably why we take littering very seriously here in Western Sydney.
Auburn 2144

7. Because you'll never find supporters as loyal as those in Western Sydney.
The Daily Telegraph

8. No seriously look at this guy. His face just oozes loyalty.
The Daily Telegraph

9. Because living in Western Sydney means living on the edge. Literally.

10. All whilst battling extreme weather the snow.

Daily Telegraph

11. Cue Westie Winter Wonderland.
Auburn 2144

12. But seriously, wasn't there bushfires in the Blue Mountains just last year?
Daily Telegraph

13. Western Sydney has probably turned you into a territorial breed of life. Click the mysterious void of space below and see why.

Auburn 2144

14. Or at the very least a patient kind...
Courier Mail

15. But even the popo are lovin' it on this side of town.
Only in Western Sydney

16. Because we appreciate art here in Western Sydney.
Lauren von Trapp

17. And we all know where the guys behind the $9 million George Street sculpture really got their inspiration from. and Auburn 2144

18. But that's okay, because Western Sydneysiders have plenty of other great ideas for sculptures.
Auburn 2144

19. And even greater kebabs.

20. Because you'll never find homewares anywhere else like Western Sydney.
Author's own.

21. Because New Year's Eve looks like this...

22. ...and your New Year's Day recovery session like this.
The Random Foodie

23. Because Western Sydney is basically foodie heaven.
The Daily Telegraph

24. Because our Christmas lights displays go awf.
Christmas Lights - Camellia Street, Greystanes NSW

25. But not as much as Roxy Sundays did before it closed "indefinitely" :(
The Roxy Hotel

26. Because Asian Bankstown is the best place in the Western (Sydney) world to stock up on Asian groceries.
We heart Sydney

27. Because Sydney's hottest restaurants are in the suburbs, not the CBD.
Just Add Sequins and Oh Sherrie

28. Oh wait. They're in the CBD now (but we had them first).
Green Peppercorn

Holy Basil

29. Because if you want to eat posh, you can enjoy fine dining in the West too. So. Many. Choices.
Quirky tacos

30. And we won't judge you if you want to drink the same drink twice. 
Dirt Bike World

31. Because Cabramatta is the (second) best place in the world to eat Vietnamese food.

32. 2kg Pho.
Who you calling Pho?

33. And the only place better than Lakemba for Lebanese food is Beruit.
Liz Ledden

34. Because snack packs anywhere else is just plain wrong.

35. And our sweets are sweeter than Nikki Webster's Strawberry Kisses.


37. Because you can eat the World's Greatest Gelato. Every. Single. Day.
Gelato Messina

38. But who needs gelato when you have deep fried golden gaytime? 
Good Food

39. Because we're not about trying to control the action. We're wet n wild ;)
Sydney Morning Herald

40. And we love enjoying views of the peaks. *insert suggestive smirk face emoji here*
Blue Mountains Australia

41. Because Wikipedia deems us important.

42. Even if our Anaconda don't.

Neel Kolkhatkar

43. Because we like invented street style.
Styling You and Vogue Forums

44. Oi. Ya dirty c*nts. 'ere in th bushland we all bout dat sun fuckin' safety. Period.
Amazing Australia  

45. Orite. Listen up 2 this 1 ya dirty mongrel. Cause we aint 'fraid of showin' suma dat Au$$i3 pryd3. Straya cu*t. Period.
Thumper talk

46. Especially when you've got fine sheilas like this.
Black belt forums

47. You'll never find a bargain like you do out in the west.
Auburn 2144

48. Especially when you shop at places like this.

Auburn 2144

49. Because Costco.

50. Costco is life.

51. And free samples at Costco are just life +1.

52. Because b1tch3$ luv animals and Featherdale Wildlife Park has said animals. Bae city, bae city, bitch.

53. Because where else in the world does a wildlife park overlook the bitchin-est place in town.
and Doonside

54. ...or the streets of Auburn.
Auburn 2144

55. Because El Jannah will give you goosebumps.

56. Every.
The Daily Telegraph

57. Single.
Richard Elliot

58. Day.
Eat Show and Tell

59. And Western Sydney sunsets are pretty goosebump inducing too.
Mykola Pinkevych

Jong Soo Lee

60. Because after all the sun always sets down in the west.

Travis Chau

No side of town can beat Western Sydney for ruthless behaviour, lengths of police tape and effortless charcoal chicken. Its weekly fireworks displays and garlic sauce have ruined you. So smile: You're a Westie 5eva.


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