Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Humans of Western Sydney: Kaitlin

Once again it's time to show some appreciation for the weird and wonderful people that make up our half of Sydney. It's a Wednesday after all and we couldn't think of a better time to do a combined #womancrushwednesday and #humansofwesternsydney post on ultra babe, proud westie and all round cool chick, Kaitlin.

In between her hectic modelling career and crazy adventures around the globe, Kaitlin was kind enough to take some time to share her love of the western 'burbs with us. Keep reading to find out about her take on where the #westthings are.

Kaitlin - Student, Model, Globe Trotter

Describe yourself for us a little bit – what do you do?
I'm just a regular chick trying to make something of myself within the hugely competitive international modelling industry.

What’s your Westie connection?

What can I say, I'm born & bred Westie. I grew up in Concord & spent the majority of my teenage years at Strathfield. I loved sport & repped that killer Inner West black & white every year.

What was the best thing about going to a school with a crowd of Westies?
The multiculturalism! You experience so much more with a crowd of different cultures. Pooling together at Gloria jeans in the morning discussing different punishments from parents & cheap local eating places....they were the good times. General shit talking led to some fond memories.

How has growing up in these parts influenced who you are?
Oh man, with Strathfield being well known for its Korean demographic & all, I just don't know where I'd be in life if I hadn't discovered Ramen & Kim Chi. I think I would have developed into a fundamentally different person without those joys. 

How are you currently spreading your Westie pride over in Europe?
 My best mate Maja & I are making our way towards Amsterdam to watch our favourite band Sticky Fingers perform live. We plan on combining forces with them to spread the Ozzie Proide like we spread our Vegemite - thickly and with butter. 

For Anyone interested in Kaitlin's modelling work, head on over to:
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Images Courtesy of Chadwick Models and Kaitlin Carter


  1. WOW! So amazing to see such cool people coming from the western suburbs!