Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Cheapo Tuesday: Our Fave Cultural Street Eats for Under $8


Whether you’re leading the impoverished student life like the West Things crew or whether you just, you know, like having extra money, the western 'burbs have you covered with a plethora of cheap and tasty food options readily available to satisfy those pesky 3:30pm hunger pangs that just demand to be silenced. 

If us Westies have one thing to be proud of (and let's be honest, we have plenty to be proud of - Kim Kardashian is coming our way people!) it is definitely the cultural diversity that is so clearly reflected in the huge variety of authentic cultural cuisine that is on offer. Whether your taste buds sing to the tangy deliciousness of an authentic Vietnamese Banh Mi or whether it's the aroma of smoky, garlicky Lebanese charcoal chicken that sends you to your gustatory happy place, we have you sorted in this cheap cultural street eats edition of Cheapo Tuesday.

"But where is all this cheap and tasty food?" we hear you ask as you struggle to contain the drool that threatens to ruin your keyboard. Luckily for you, we've done the dirty work and dug up our favourite spots for you to get your authentic cultural munch on for minimum moolahs. Some people say the best things are free... these #westthings are all under $8. Close enough!

Gourmet Chilean Hot Dogs at Paula Empanadas Chilean Bakery - $7.50

Gourmet hotdogs might be something you've seen popping up in hipster inner city Sydney joints lately but Paula's has been serving these babies up out west since before some of us could even walk. Laden with mayo, avocado, sauerkraut and tomato, these authentic Chilean completos (hot dogs) have people from all over Sydney making their way out here, and for good reason  - Their 90% approval rate on Urban Spoon speaks for itself. 

El Jannah Charcoal Chicken - $7.90
Granville and Punchbowl 

Famous for their amazingly fluffy and delicious garlic sauce and charcoal chicken, El Jannah stands as a tried and tested street eat institution within the Western suburbs food scene. With a loyal cult following from all over Sydney, anyone who's been there will tell you: this is the real deal.

For just $7.90 you get 1/4 chicken, regular chips and a drink. The plate also comes with pickles,  a generous dollop of their legendary garlic sauce and lebanese bread on the side.
Yes, you read it right. Free sides. Nuff said.

Banh Mi at Viet Hoa Hot Bread Bakery - $4.00

A staple for any street food connoisseur, the good old Banh Mi (Vietnamese pork roll) needs no introduction. We like to see it as that faithful friend who will take pity on you when its 3am, everyone is asleep and you only have a few coins to your name. But actually. In addition to being named one of best banh mi joints in Sydney by people way more qualified than we are, Viet Hoa Hot Bread is open 24/7 to service your pork roll needs all-day, err-day.

Pandan Waffles at Viet Hoa Hot Bread Bakery - $1.80

While some of you are paying 6 dollars a waffle at your local Max Brenner, us westies are getting ours made on demand for $1.80 a pop. Made fresh to order, these piping hot, coconut-ty, pandan waffles are sure to satisfy those of us who like to look for the sweet things in life (and put them in our mouths).
Warning: you will probably end up spending a lot more than $1.80 here. To borrow a line from our friends at Pringles, once you pop, you just can't stop.


  1. Looks amazeballs, can't wait to try out these yummy treats :D

    1. We're so excited for you! Let us know which one's you end up trying out :)