Monday, 8 September 2014

Who Plays Golf, When We've Got Aquagolf!

Unless you’re a retired, rolex-wearing, $1000-wine-sipping, rich dude who spends luxurious weekends away at the pretentious NSW Golf Club, golfing probably isn’t one of those spur-of-the-moment activities that you simply take up, and start playing like a pro. And I know what you’re thinking – When I was 12 years old I was totally the minigolf champ at my local put-put course

Well sorry to pop your put-put pride, but almost everyone was a minigolf champ at some stage (I mean how hard is minigolf…). But golf golf – you gotta be realistic. First you’ve got to pay just to step on the field, then you’ve got to buy a plethora of balls (because let’s be real, you’re going to lose the first few hundred hitting it out somewhere into the woods), you gotta hire one of those mini-car things to drive to where the ball is, and have I mentioned the cost of just buying a golf club alone?! And now, broke, and so fed up with trying to “hit it on the green,” you probably don’t even wanna play anymore… 

Next best thing perhaps? We propose... AQUAGOLF
I know… It sounds totally weird (it’s totally a #westthing), but Penrith’s Aquagolf lets you experience the essence of golf without having to pay the equivalent of last years total rent! Conveniently located next to Penrith RSL, Aquagolf is an awesome place where you get your own individual putting cubicle, a bucket of balls, and a rented golf club.

None of this struggle to make it to the green - swing away into the literal sea that’s in front of you, and if you hit one of the bobbing targets, you win an awesome prize such as, more balls! Also, if you weren’t a minigolf champ when you were young (like me), you won’t have to worry about playing like a pro or anything, because Aquagolf is all about going at your own pace and most importantly, having fun! Save yourself the obvious embarrassment!

Aquagolf is open at everyday of the week from 8am-midnight, and you don’t need to be rich, experienced, or be of a minimum age of 50 to play! Come and give it a swing, or visit the website for more information!

Images sourced from: BrendaJohnston, Giphy


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