Friday, 19 September 2014

Foodporn Friday: The Vegetarian Edition

If you’re anything like us stereotypical westies, you’ll be at your local pub or restaurant on a Friday night, after a long day of hard yakka, pondering, should I get the steak or the schnitty today? One thing’s for sure. When that waiter comes along after you’ve finally decided what to order, you’ll ask him this life-long question, “Ay can I get chips instead of the salad mate?”

How about, NO you may NOT! You betta down that side salad! Actually, lemme serve you a whole plate full of greens instead as a form of torture for never choosing the vego option! How you like them brussels sprouts!?!

Kidding, I would never actually subject someone to such horrible treatment as downing a plate of brussels sprouts, but could you imagine if the waiter at the restaurant had replied saying, “Sorry… There are no more fries, we’ve sold out.” ABORT. ABORT.  Biggest real-life nightmare ever since you discovered McDonalds discontinued their shaker fries, right? Would you take a chance on salad this one time?

The problem is, the poor veggie options never get a chance to be chosen because that pathetic side salad or miniscule sprinkle of garnish over the corner of your plate, has had such a bad rep over the years. You’ve also been traumatised by greens ever since your were a kid, holding back the tears when your mum practically shoved the broccoli down your throat at the dinner table. Doesn’t help either that Marge Simpson sang that song about not making friends with salad. Don’t wanna be that loser.

But you gotta toss the salad-hate aside people! Step outside that schnitty and steak comfort zone, and give the greens another chance, because you’ll be surprised by the vast variety of actually delicious vego choices we have here in the west. We’ve actually helped you take the first step by compiling our top fave vego eats. I promise none of this standard salad or boring brussels sprouts! But if you really wanna continue being that salad-snob I suggest you stop scrolling now. Don't even think that the closet-vegetarian in you hasn't the slightest chance of coming out. Because I don’t think you’ll be able to handle how you feel after seeing the foodporn we have lined up for you today!

Papaya salad (som tum) at Green Palace Thai Vegetarian, Cabramatta

Dukkah eggs, smashed avocado and organic greens on sourdough toast, Circa Espresso, Parramatta

Samosa plate and veggie curry at Vege Delight, Quakers Hill

 Vegan cupcakes at Khalsa Foods, Pure Vegetarian, Seven Hills

 Traditional falafel at Just Falafel, Parramatta

Sesame mushroom curls at Fountain Vegetarian Restaurant, Bella Vista

Vegan Schnitzel at Loving Hut, Bankstown

 Vegetarian supreme at Crust, Gourmet Pizza, Penrith

SouthWest salad at Mars Hill Café, Parramatta

Vegetarian sweet soup (canh chua) at Duy Linh, Cabramatta


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