Wednesday, 17 September 2014

8 Reasons why you should skip the Taronga Zoo visit and take a trip to Featherdale Wildlife Park instead

I live only a mere two suburbs away from Featherdale Wildlife Park in Doonie (what us westies call Doonside), however in my twenty-one years of existence, visiting the sanctuary was never aforethought. Maybe it was how I pictured Taronga zoo in comparison? When I went last year I was distracted by the stunning views of Sydney’s harbour (when the gondola ride actually worked) and that acclamation of finally (after twenty years of existence) visiting, the Taronga Zoo

But where was that authentic Aussie wildlife adventure we all expected?

Taronga Zoo claims they have over 4000 animals that you get to see. Oh, but you can’t touch… Sure you can touch a few sheep, and pet a pig or too, but these were all animals I could see when those kiddie farm visited my local westfields. That intimate, close-up, outback experience with the real Aussie animals (no offence to all the other animals), is what Taronga is ultimately missing. 

After this experience at the 'zoo' I didn't have much expectations of Featherdale. The kangaroos probably sleeping, and a ridiculous sign saying 'koalas not available today,' is what I anticipated... But from the minute that park ranger greeted us at the entrance with iguana on shoulder and newly-born wallaby trailing closely behind, a giant smile brought to my face and what little expectations I had was immediately exceeded! And thus, totally convinced after taking a day trip to this wildlife menagerie, the WestThings crew compiled 8 reasons why you should too!

8. As per advertisement, “Sydney’s ultimate interactive experience,” Featherdale actually delivers! From rubbing the bellies of wallabies to cuddling with koalas, Featherdale specialises in providing the most intimate experience possible. 

7. The abundance of kangaroos just nonchalantly, hopping all around the wildlife park. Feel young again and feed them ($1), or hop along with them as you like (no extra charges).

6. Spotted-tail Quolls. What are these you say? When I first saw them, I died from its cuteness. And you will too.

5. The ambience and preservation of a wildlife sanctuary not ruined by the chaos and bustle of tourists or those annoying school kids part of a school excursion. It’s barely overcrowded and you literally feel like you’re stepping into Straya’s great outdoors.

4. Price: $27. That’s 20 whole dollars cheaper than Taronga Zoo’s $47 entry fee (which you still gotta pay extra for a map. LOL u srs?)

3. Quick 10 minute bus ride from Blacktown station that stops directly in front of Featherdale, or if driving, plenty of easily locatable parking too. No nauseous ferry ride trying so hard to contain the contents of the lunch you just had…

2. The fact that the wildlife centre works actively towards the conservation and protection of the animals’ habitats. Most of the animals are free and aren’t confined within cages or small, enclosed spaces. Staff here are also extremely passionate about educating the public on ways they can support the future of many of Australia’s near-extinct animals like the adorable quoll. You’ll learn a heap about Australia’s fauna! 

1. Not having to pay $19 and wait 2 hours in line, just to take a picture with a koala… but actually having one of these carefree, cutie bears latch on to you at the all day koala sanctuary! Simply priceless.

So we forgot our camera, and our iPhone 5c's were out of batt ... I know... Rookie mistake... But here are some snaps of the cute critters we got to see and play with, courtesy of Featherdale Wildlife Park 


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