Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Humans of Western Sydney #1: Adam


Here at West Things, we are sick and tired of hearing about how all all the "cool" people in Sydney are located in the inner city. Sick. And. Tired. 

If we have learned one thing from our mission to bring you all the #westthings on offer out here, it is just how quirky, funny and charming the people of Western Sydney really are. In the words of Kevin Durant, you guys are the real MVPs and we've decided that it is high time that our westies got some love.

Introducing our first loud and proud Human of Western Sydney: Adam

Adam, 22, Psychology Student

Where did you grow up?: Granville

What’s your favourite memory of Western Sydney growing up?:
The atmosphere at Sunset during Ramadan– I always loved the hustle-bustle of people rushing home to break fast with their families. It always felt very festive!

What can you get in Western Sydney that you can't get anywhere else?: 
El Jannah Garlic Sauce – it’s on another level

Do you have any #westthings secrets to share with us?:
If you're in Auburn, head straight to Yassin Lebanese Bakery on Rawson St for the softest, freshest Lebanese bread you'll ever get. If you get there early in the morning it's usually still warm and they charge less than $1.50 for a whole bag of it. 


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