Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A Spicy Saturday: Kicker Chilli Dishes in Western Sydney

So up until just yesterday, it had pretty much been a long and tenuous seven days since we last served you up a post on Sydney's finest suburbs. You can admit it. Just say it. You missed us. So much, in fact, you started singing Lonely by Akon while you refreshed your browser eagerly anticipating when we would come back into your lives. Our spidey senses detect that some of you even turned borderline insane waiting for another post that you went into your collection of Fort Minor songs on iTunes and started singing to yourselves "Where'd the West Things Go. I miss them so. Seems like it's been forever..."

Rest assured guys, we're okay, we did not get stabbed at Parramatta Westfields and we've still got plenty of things to show you about the west. In true Gen Y style, I've titled this post 'Spicy Saturday'. This is dedicated to all my alliteration lovin' friends who know the struggle of scrolling through your phone on a Wednesday night and finding a hot photo of yourself back in 2008 and having to wait a whole 24 hours until it's officially #ThrowbackThursday and therefore justifiably newsworthy for Instagram. Here's permission to officially break the rules a little. Why? Because, just like that sizzling' photo of your a$$ back in 2008 when you were a certified gym junkie (admit it you ate peanut butter from the jar and your meals consisted of brown rice, broccoli and chicken breast) today's blog is hotter than your man on so many levels. 

Check it out - Western Sydney's hottest dishes for all my spicy lovin' friends who like the way it hurts. I think that you should let it burn.

Dry fried mud crab with ginger, garlic, chilli and herbs at Iron Chef Chinese Restaurant, Cabramatta

Vuelve a la Vida (spicy ceviche cocktail with calamari, octopus, prawns and mussels marinated in lemon, coriander, garlic and chilli) at Misky Cravings, Fairfield

Thai papaya salad with shredded green papaya, cherry tomatoes, sour lime, chilli and fish sauce at Green Peppercorn, Fairfield

Rezala lamb cooked with spices, at Ginger Indian Restaurant, Harris Park

Tom Yum Chicken at Sugar and Spice, Moorebank