Friday, 10 October 2014

Food Porn Friday: The Brunch Edition

Brunch. It ain’t quite breakfast, and it ain’t quite lunch…

... But according to, It’s reserved for the pretentious that sip tea and have jam? LOL please. It’s universally known that brunch is the perfect 11am cure for that hangover you’re battling from getting crunk on a Friday night. It’s the morning therapy session with your closest friends to rehash some of those (un)fortunate events from the night before (including that questionable hook-up). And us non-pretentious asses aren’t about to travel to Surry hills or Newtown just for bacon and eggs and a cappuccino that’d probably cost 3x the amount it’d normally cost if we ate local!

The Western subs are definitely stepping it up in the fancy brunch department, from the beautiful, Café Harvest in Bonnyrigg, our own "Grounds of Alexandria," to Café Lattetude in Penrith, that possibly do the biggest "big breakfast" in the West. There are some mouth-wateringly, amazing brunch spots that'll convince you this in-between space between breakfast and lunch, is your new favourite part of the day! And most of these places are affordable, local cafés & small restaurants that don't overcharge for a perfectly poached egg. 

Best thing about brunch is you don’t have to decide between sweet and savoury. Want eggs? Get a pancake on the side. Have your heart set on waffles? Add some bacon, baby! No matter how late you hit the sheets last night, or how absolutely turnt you got, rest easy. You haven’t wasted your day because these Western Sydney brunch restaurants and café’s will still be there when you wake up :-)

Circa Espresso, Parramatta

Café Mambo, Giraween

Café Harvest, Bonnyrigg

The Blend, Toongabbie

Paper Planes, Parramatta

Big Tree House, Rydalmere

Café Lattetude, Penrith

Cassandra's on Queen, St Mary's

Baron Café, Castle Hills


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