Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Mum, we made the paper! Check out our feature in the Fairfield Advance


So our friends over at the Fairfield Advance have given Where the West Things Are some major love this morning and featured our blog in their newspaper. Despite the terrrrible photo they've chosen, we're super excited! So please, we implore you, stifle your laughter and check out our top ten dishes in South Western Sydney as featured in today's edition of the Fairfield Advance:

(Transcript also featured below image)

1. Italian doughnuts. La Tratt
Fairfield RSL Club, 14 Anzac Ave, Fairfield 
Vanilla bean ice cream, cinnamon sugar, hazelnuts and dulce de leche — Just when you had become all too cynical about “fine dining” and “Western Sydney” being mentioned in the same paragraph La Tratt whips this dessert and all your hesitation is gone. This one’s for all our #foodporn lovers.

2. Soft shell crab, Holy Basil
233A Canley Vale Rd, Canley Heights
The chefs here somehow manage to get that perfect ‘crunchy on the outside-but moist and delicious on the inside’ quality on their soft shell crab. We don’t understand the sorcery behind it either ... but when something tastes this good, we’re not inclined to question it.

3. Deep fried golden gaytime, What the Fudge
278a Canley Vale Rd, Canley Heights 
Some people like to think they’ve got a separate stomach just for dessert. We like to think we’ve got a separate stomach just for this bad boy in all its sugar coma inducing goodness.

4. Vietnamese beef and noodle soup, Pho Tau Bay
 12/117 John St, Cabramatta 
Want to go to Vietnam but don’t have the time or money? Close your eyes and let the fresh chillies, lime, Vietnamese mint and rich beef broth at Pho Tau take you there for a fraction of the price. You’re going to want to visit over and over again.

5. Scorched salmon and kingfish belly, Fat Panda
233c Canley Vale Rd, Canley Heights 
If you’re one of those people that takes a thousand photos of the food before they eat, this is one you definitely won’t regret. The kingfish is so intricately carved and the salmon perfectly scorched, we don’t think you’ll be able to wait and take a pic before taking a bite!

6. Gourmet Chilean hot dogs, Paula Empanadas Chilean Bakery
1/9 Barbara St, Fairfield 
We like to think of Paula’s hotdogs as the hotdog your hotdog could be if it used the culinary equivalent of Old Spice. Laden with mayo, sauerkraut and tomato and lashings of avocado, you’ll never want to go back to normal hotdogs again.

7. Pandan crème brûlée, Green Peppercorn
1 Hamilton Rd, Fairfield 
Sure you can satisfy your dessert feels with an old time favourite, the crème brûlée. However, the subtle but sweet pandan flavour addition that Green Peppercorn does to this dish makes this east-meetswest dessert simply genius.

8. Crispy skin chicken with tomato rice, Tan Viet Noodle House
2/110 John St, Cabramatta 
For all these years, you’ve probably known your mamma to cook the crispest skinned chicken in the entire world. Now, we aren’t saying your mamma’s chicken isn’t the bomb dignity, but Tan Viet Noodle House takes ‘crispy skin’ to a whole new level!

9. Homemade lasagna, Gigino
3/338 Hamilton Rd, Fairfield West
 Gigino’s lasagne makes up for all the broken promises unrealistic TV ads have been dealing you for all these years, proving once and for all that the fluffy pasta sheets, stringy cheese and tangy tomato sauce of your lasagne dreams actually exists in real life. Better yet, it’s right here in the Western Burb’s.

10. Eggs benedict, Cafe Harvest
Bonnyrigg Garden Centre cnr Elizabeth Drive and Wilson Rd, Bonnyrigg 
 You know that feeling when your knife just penetrates the surface of your poached eggs and the yolk comes bursting out in all its gooey glory? Yep, the folks at Café Harvest have nailed that feeling.

You can read the online story here.