Sunday, 26 October 2014

Spice Up Your Sunday


Is this you, bored at home on a lazy Sunday with not a thing in hell to do? Some people spend their Sunday’s lying outside, or relaxing out by the pool. While others chill out at their local westfields, hoping the $5 rack sale at Supré still stocks those leopard skin tights all the mounty county gals seem to sport. And then there’s those that use their Sunday’s to go out and do something a little more unexpected. Like buying a McFlurry with both mnm’s AND oreos. Oh, you risktaker you. Livin’ life on the edge you are!

But if you’re like me, and you don’t seem to feel the thrill of sitting under the shade of a Koolabah tree, you’re ready for an adventure that’ll get some blood rushing through them veins! We’ve found some fun-filled activities that’ll make you completely forget about Supré’s clearance sale, but instead turn your stale Sunday 360 degrees complete with no regrets.

Whitewater rafting
Where: Penrith Whitewater Stadium, Cranebrook
Wanna know what’s a paddlin’? Regarded as one of the wildest and most beautiful whitewater rivers in Australia, this crazy adventure will get you totally wet & leave you screaming woooooo-hoooooooooo! With 14,000 liters-per-second of raging whitewater, flowing over a moveable obstacle system, this rafting experience has proven to be one of the most challenging and exciting rides for even the best paddlers in the world.

Where: Calebs Wake Park, Penrith
Wtf’s wakeboarding you ask? Think of skiing on water, or ‘skurfing.’ Heqtiqqqqq, bet you thought that never existed! Attached to an electronic cable ski, you’re propelled to slide over the lake on a board, with ramps, kickers and sliders to manoeuvre around and have some sick moments of air-time if you’re down. Hang tight though, I guarantee this activity will definitely make you feel like you’re living life to the extreme!

Flying trapeze
Where: Circus Arts Sydney, Olympic Park
I wanna see you be brave! Lol, so challenge yourself today by taking a high flying trapeze class. Swing way above the Earth and experience the true thrill of flying, as you learn to master trapeze tricks such as the knee-hang, the back flip to the net, and the flying catch, just like them crazy circus acrobats do. It may seem terrifying for all you first-timers, but rest assured it’s totally safe and you’ll come out of it with your heart beating a million miles a minute!

Laser Skirmish
Where: Battlefun, Pennant Hills
Lookin’ for an ultimate combat adventure battle that’s both fun and intense, without actual pain and bruises? Bc we ALL know you bruise like a peach. At the battlefun laser skirmish outdoor arena, players get kitted up with army camouflage clothing and are provided with a choice of guns from the armoury before they set out into the bush and muddy battlefield terrain with log barriers, cool forts and bunkers. Great excuse to shoot at that one friend you secretly hate!

V8 Car Racing
Where: Sydney Motor Sport Park, Eastern Creek
Strap yourself behind the wheel and drive the fastest you’ve ever driven, in a powerful 450 hp V8 race car, and feel the excitement and g-force of performance racing. This challenging circuit delivers a mix of long straights, tight and tricky corners, rising curves, hills and flats. Be prepared to take it to the max with a no limit drive often reaching 200 kph! P.s. I can’t guarantee how thrilling this activity is. All members of the WestThings crew are still on their L’s so got turned away upon entry LOL


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