Sunday, 26 October 2014

Take a Mental Health Day At Sydney's Impressive Lookouts


“Summer has come and passed,
The innocent can never last,
Wake me up, when this SEMESTER ENDS…”

Trust me, I know. This semester couldn’t be any longer… And it couldn’t finish any sooner either. With all these assessments and exams creeping around the corner, may as well push me in front of a bus. At least I’ll suffer the pain more quickly (and avoid having to do any work). And while you’re at it, invite all the members of my group project to my funeral so they can let me down, one last time… LOL jokesssss. What I propose is a more safer (and sane) solution to rest and refresh your mind. It’s taking a mental health day. A day off fo yourself when you feel like you’re taking on a lot of stress at once, whether it’s studies, work, or just life in general. If your body and your mind is aching for some relaxation, serenity and inner peace, what you need is a day where you just sit in a quiet place where you can breathe in fresh air away from work and from all the people around you. A day of escape.

Personally, some of the best days of my life have involved me just sitting down and looking out over a picturesque landscape, where I can just let go of all the struggles and worries that face me. And so, we’ve compiled the best, quietest, lookouts where you too can break away from reality for a moment in time. Breathe in the beauty of this world, and simply give yourself that mental break you need.

Mount Portal Lookout, Glenbrook
Perched atop the lower ridges of Blue Mountains National Park, Mount Portal lookout offers magnificent views of the junction between Glenbrook Gorge and the mighty Nepean River. You can really see where wilderness of the mountains meets civilisation.

Burragorang Lookout and picnic area, Nattai
Talk about being able to see for miles. High above Warragamba Dam, on a Blue mountains escarpment, Burragorang lookout and picnic area is a spectacular viewing point for nature’s great beauty.

Great river walk, Hawkesbury
The Great River Walk offers stunning scenery along the Hawkesbury-Nepean River and is perfect for having a calm stroll, or bike ride. There are various lookouts and sites of interest along the walk that are simply picturesque including one overlooking the river’s mouth at Broken Bay to its headquarters at Lake Bathurst.

The Rock lookout, Mulgoa
Situated in the historic Mulgoa Valley, a short track of a few hundred metres leads to ‘The Rock’ with superb views of the Nepean River. Surrounding is the swampy heath of the Eucalyptus forest to Riley’s mountain where more views of the surrounds can be enjoyed.       

Nepean dam, Bargo
One of the most peaceful places of the list. Enjoy the impressive views of the lake upstream and gorge downstream, spotting out the long line of Roman Cypress trees and beautiful flora that follow the line of the spillway.


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